New Zealand Premium Game Meats,
suppliers of the finest of New Zealand Game Meat
High Country Scene
The clear, clean atmosphere of New Zealand's high country is the source of the fine game meats supplied by Premium Game.
Without doubt the best-flavoured game-meat is from wild animals. New Zealand has a wide range of introduced game animals which can be hunted, and which are processed by Premium Game for the New Zealand domestic market

Wild game meats tend to be darker in colour than farmed meats. Animals are of course not drenched or sprayed making it a truly natural product free from residual chemicals.

Premium Game supply a variety of high quality wild game meats, including venison, wild pork, goat, thar, hare, rabbit and wallaby.

By controlling introduced game species, New Zealand's high country environment is improved. Premium Game's operation has no negative effect on the environment.

Premium Game supply their game meat to a range of customers. These include some of the finest restaurants, and the most discerning supermarkets in New Zealand.

All meat is sourced from areas guaranteed poison-free. We maintain a small base of hunters who must have licenses renewed annually. Landowners and hunters alike are part of the team that keeps our quality high.

Processing is carried out to strict standards. We are a small business and enjoy working with our customers to provide the product they require.

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